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Best Places for Mountain Climbing in Colorado

Mountain climbing is a fun sport, but not every place on the planet offers the opportunity to enjoy this exciting activity. Colorado boasts a varied climbing terrain. Whether one is after traditional high-altitude routes, easy sport climbs, or slabby runouts, Colorado has them all.  Pittsburgh offers online gamblers a variety of ways to play their favourite casino games for real money in the comfort of their own home at an online casino in PA. Some of the best spots to try out mountain climbing in this beautiful state include the following.

Rifle Mountain Park

While Rifle is best known for hard climbing, the place is not short of mid-level climbs. Yes, the limestone could be slick and challenging enough for starters, but for average and advanced climbers, Rifle Mountain Park is the place to satisfy their spirit of adventure. Here, the classics run from 5.12, with crimps and pocket all meant to test the climber’s forearm endurance. For fun climbs, there is the Canine Wall, which starts at 5.8 and ends at 5.11. Being a pure climbing sport area, it is advisable for climbers to have quickdraws while they are here.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Home to at least four million visitors annually, this is one of Colorado’s most crowded places for mountain climbing. However, the back country provides a way for those who want to escape the crowd. Lumpy Ridge boasts the highest number of climbs in one area, with most of the traditional routes starting at 5.7 all the way to 5.12. The middle zone is where the classics congregate (5.9 to 5.10). With the granite cracks ready to chew up anyone’s skin, it is advisable for climbers to tape up.